Powerful Guided Meditation To Stop Self-Sabotaging And Start Self-Loving

To Break Unhealthy Patterns That Don't Serve You Anymore And Reclaim Your Self-Love (50% off Coupon: SELFLOVE)

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Thank you for tuning in to this Transformational Guided Meditation. This deep healing meditation will help you shift your energy from dis-powered to empowered, from traumatized state to transformed state.

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Everything we do at Y square education is to help you grow, evolve, expand your purpose and live life with clarity, certainty and confidence.

I am looking forward to connecting with you and guiding you on this beautiful journey.

This meditation is to help you overcome self-sabotage, break the unhealthy patterns that don't serve you anymore and reclaim your self-worth and love yourself deeply.

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Your Instructor

Ying Yang
Ying Yang

Ying is an energetic and intuitive Healer, a human behaviour expert and the Founder of Y Square Education.

She has dedicated more than a decade researching and practicing as a human behaviour expert and peak performance consultant.

Ying is also a leading expert in clinical psychology, emotional intelligence and organizational behaviour, communication skills and leadership development. She has more than 15,000 hours of work experience with individuals, professionals and organizations; she assists and guides them to have higher levels of achievement in their personal and professional life by using science combined with Eastern wisdom and philosophy with Western psychology.

Having researched and studied in various fields including modern Western psychology and philosophy, and Eastern wisdom and teaching, Ying has acquired extensive experience, which gives her a unique approach to delivering services of the highest standard.

Ying has expanded her mission both nationally and internationally by providing online programs, consulting services, workshops and seminars to individuals and groups.

Ying’s mission in life is to empower individuals or groups to discover their real potential and purpose and live life with clarity, certainty and confidence. Her vision is to see the world where everyone can achieve complete alignment with their thoughts, desires and actions.

This Powerful Guided Deep Healing Meditation will help you to:

  • Remove all the unpleasant and trapped emotions within you
  • Let go of unwanted attachment, resentment, anger and fear
  • Release all the bandage and baggage that drag you down
  • Break unhealthy patterns of self-sabotaging and karmic bond
  • Re-connect with your higher self/authentic-self
  • Call in healing light and power to heal your emotional wound
  • Focus on your own purpose and growth journey
  • Align your emotions with your desired outcome in life

It is highly recommended to listen to this meditation twice a week to raise your energetic vibration.

Course Curriculum

  Powerful Guided Meditation To Stop Self-Sabotaging And Start Self-Loving
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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to this audio meditation?
This audio meditation will be accessible to you for lifetime. After downloading, you have unlimited access to this meditation for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own. For deeper healing, please download this audio meditation on your phone and listen for at least twice a week for energetic shift.
What are the options available if I want to get a refund for the course?
All our products and programs will give you 100% satisfaction and that is guaranteed. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase for appropriate reasons, contact us in the first 3 days after purchase and we will give you the full refund.

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